IntelliBoost IQ – Brain Pills With Natural Ingredients And Zero Side Effect

IntelliBoost IQ is the smart pill brand available in the market and comes with a lot of positive feedback from reviewers and customers.

The praise showered on this nootropic pill claims that using it causes no side effects while promoting several brain-boosting benefits. These cognitive benefits from IntelliBoost pills include an improvement in focus, attention span, learning ability, energy levels, and memory retention.

Why Should You Try Smart Pills?

When most people are introduced to smart pills, they feel that they don’t need or require these cognitive aids. However, the reality is that with age, our brain power and memory retention take a severe hit, interfering with smooth brain function.

Combating age-related cognitive decline is not the only reason to use brain supplements. Even for those who are in their 20s and 30s, they can experience a boost in their short-term memory as well as cognitive function and performance when using smart pills.

Intelliboost IQ

What Is IntelliBoost IQ?

IntelliBoost IQ is a nootropic supplement that works to increase focus, improve energy levels, and enhance memory function for the user.

This supplement is made from all-natural ingredients and is formulated with a proprietary blend that causes side-effect free results.

Most nootropic supplements are known to improve the energy levels of the user by making use of stimulants at the cost of some minor side effects like jitteriness and headaches.

IntelliBoost IQ brain pills, however, don’t cause any adverse reactions while also promoting improved memory, focus, and mood.

Best of all, for residents of Australia and New Zealand, the manufacturers are providing users the opportunity of getting the online risk free trial for this pill that doesn’t require users to pay hundreds of dollars for trying the product out.

IntelliBoost IQ Ingredients:

When it comes to the list of key ingredients in this supplement, the only information that the official website provides is the fact that the supplement uses all-natural ingredients.

Going on the benefits that are mentioned by the users, it can be surmised that the ingredients include neurotransmitter boosting components as well as mood-enhancing ingredients.

According to the research done into the product, this secrecy may be due to the manufacturers preventing the counterfeit of their proprietary formula which is the essence of any dietary supplement.

Research into the user reviews and testimonials also mentioned that the product does not cause side effects that are experienced with other products due to stimulants like caffeine.

Which IntelliBoost IQ Benefits Should Users Expect?

  • Increased Energy Levels
    There is an expectation of increased mental energy levels when using the pill. This boost in energy levels is more than enough energy to get through the whole day without getting tired and fatigued.
    The increase in energy also helps you feel energized and allows you to be more creative, and productive. In case of IntelliBoost IQ brain pills, there is also no reason to worry about mid-afternoon crashes in energy because the formula provides a steady supply of energy to the brain instead of a sharp spike-and-dip in energy supply like from other products.
  • Improved Memory Functions
    Most people take nootropics to help with their memory retention, and this product does the same by stimulating the production of critical neurotransmitters responsible for storing memories.
    Age-related cognitive decline is also combated with the increase in brain-food ingredients in this pill which allows for short term and long term memory recall to be enhanced.
  • Enhanced Focus
    To be most productive, it is essential to be able to do the tasks with a consistent level of focus and concentration. A dip in focus can lead to poor productivity. But this can be countered with a boost in mental function and focus using IntelliBoost Pills.
    This formula provides the brain with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy and promote brain function and focus.
  • Better Mood
    Nootropic supplements like this one are also responsible for improving mood and boosting motivation of the users which is done by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine while suppressing levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress.
    The improved levels of neurotransmitters allow the supplement to help enhance the natural feeling of well-being and mood of the user, improving self-confidence and motivation to strive forward.

Intelliboost IQ Benefits

Who Should Get IntelliBoost IQ Pills?

According to the official website, IntelliBoost IQ can be taken by most adults over the age of 18 that don’t have any medical prescriptions that may interfere with the intake of dietary supplement.

For those who are unsure about their medical issues or medications that could interfere with taking this brain pill, you can talk to the doctor to prevent any problems.

Are There Any IntelliBoost IQ Side Effects?

The official website claims that no side effects should be expected when using this male enhancement supplement.

This statement is also reflected in the user reviews that can be found online which also mention that using this pill causes no side effects for the users.

How Many Pills Should Users Be Taking At A Time?

The recommended dosage for IntelliBoost IQ, like other similar nootropic pills, is two capsules a day, with each pill to be taken in the morning and afternoon with water. Each bottle is said to come with 60 pills for a 30-day supply.

Experts also advise not to take more than the recommended dosage as this doesn’t help improve the results.

IntelliBoost IQ Buy Online Offer:

IntelliBoost IQ brain pills are available online from the official website and come with a risk-free trial offer.

This trial offer allows the user to try the product out for a nominal shipping and handling charge to decide if he/she wants to continue using the nootropic supplement.

Unfortunately, this product seems to be limited to Australia and New Zealand residents and only purchasable from the manufacturer’s website.

IntelliBoost IQ Review Summary:

IntelliBoost IQ is one of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market, and it is clear to see the reasons for this popularity. The quality product seems to cause no side effects while providing the users with a list of benefits that are usually only provided in top-tier products.

Overall, IntelliBoost IQ is worth trying out from the official website and is rightly recommended by the experts.

Buy Intelliboost IQ Risk Free Trial

Intelliboost IQ

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  • Stimulates cognitive benefits
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • User reviews and testimonials available online
  • Comes with a risk-free trial offer


  • Only available for Australia or New Zealand residents
  • Can order one trial per user only

24 IntelliBoost IQ User Reviews:

  1. I dont know if these pills can boost my brain or not but is definitely keeping my focus on point. Definitely, worth buying!

  2. I am not good at expressing in words, just want to say these pills are good and safe. I’ve started keeping myself in a good mood and is the best thing ever. Can’t thank more guys! Love you :*

  3. I’d give this product 4 stars out of 5 for being an absolute effective product. You lost one star for keeping such rude delivery guys in your team. Keep up the good work and keep some good men at work.

  4. I’d like to recommend this product to all those who are looking for improvement in brain functioning, neurotransmitter functioning and mood enhancing. I can confidently tell these pills can help you with desirable results as it has helped me too. Thanks intelliboost iq for helping me out.

  5. There are a few nootropic supplements that I have been seeing online on top review sites. One of these products is IntelliBoost IQ that claims to improve concentration and memory retention. And when compared to the others, the cost for this supplement is a lot lower.

    • Hi Bernardo,

      To get another trial, click on one of the images on the page to visit the official site for buying IntelliBoost IQ from Australia.

      Best Regards,

  6. IntelliBoost IQ is a unique nootropic and works to boost brain power and concentration. So, if you are like me and want a brain boost, get this pill.

  7. i have tried intelliboost iq for the past two weeks and have already noticed a boost in concentration during my work. i hope to see more results in the coming months.

  8. I have been taking this supplement to help improve my focus and concentration at graduate school for the past four months. But I had actually heard of this product early in the year where some of my friends were trying it out to see if it worked for them. For most of them, this pill really helped with improved energy to study as well as better concentration and focus during studying.

    Now, after using IntelliBoost IQ for four months, I too have experienced the same benefits. Along with this, I have also noticed the improvement in my memory and reaction thinking. So, I plan to continue using it regularly and hope it brings a positive impact on my grades and assignments.

  9. On the IntelliBoost IQ reddit forum, there are several user reviews and personal testimonials about how this brain booster works. I was thoroughly convinced when I read that people have actually tried and benefited from this intelliboost pills.

  10. I was told to keep an eye out for this IntelliBoost scam that people are talking about for online products. However, when I got the intelliboost tablet sent to Melbourne, Australia, I didn’t see any expensive charges that indicate a scam.

  11. When I recommend a nootropic to anyone, its usually IntelliBoost IQ because I’ve used it personally and its helped me with my studies. I used to help me focus while I was studying for the BAR. That said, don’t expect to become a genius like in the movie Limitless because that’s just a fantasy.

  12. Hi,

    I just wanted to drop by and say that buying Intelliboost iq was a great decision for me. I wanted to give you guys my thanks. This product has been the reason I have managed to get through this semester with better grades.


  13. I’ve been on Intelliboost IQ for over 4 months now. Have to say that the benefits are not as noticeable as they are lead to believe.
    However, the benefits do show themselves over time. And they don’t cause any problems will becoming noticeable.
    All in all, the benefits I noticed included:
    – More energy and motivation
    – Better mood and positive outlook
    – Improvement in concentration at work
    – More determination (inner spirit)
    That said, my own personal motivation also plays a big part in this. But these benefits are what I noticed after four months of use.
    As for my recommendation: If you are on the fence with Intelliboost IQ, I suggest you give it a try. It worked for me so it should work for you. And even if it doesn’t, it will only cost you a few bucks to try anyway.

  14. I had already tried three smart pills before landing on this Intelliboost IQ site. At first, I thought this was just like the rest that provided little noticeable advantages to my mood and focus. In just a few weeks of use, I found this pill helped improve my mood as well as my concentration. And this boost was very noticeable to me and those around me.

    • Hi Phillip,

      Currently, you can only order Intelliboost iq from Australia with shipping being unavailable to the US. You can still head to the official site and check later to see if their shipping policy has had any changes.


  15. This Intelliboost IQ is sold as a brain booster that improves memory. I don’t have a memory problem and have decent memory recollection, so I can’t speak about the memory-enhancing benefits.
    However, I do have a concentration and focus problem that has plagued me for my whole life that improved with this supplement.
    I have tried several brain or smart pills but only this one seems to be effective for me. I can’t be sure why either. Most of the ingredients in this one are the same as the other products with some minor differences. But this one works for me while the others didn’t.
    Either way, I’m satisfied with the improvement in focus and concentration Intelliboost IQ has for me.

    • Hi Laura,

      The official site advises that you should talk to a doctor before letting under 18s use this pill. You can simply show the bottle to the doctor.


  16. Getting older, I’ve noticed my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. I’ve gotten more forgetful and more impatient too. My doctor says that decline in memory is average for a 65-year-old and nothing to be overly worried about. However, he did say that using brain pills can help slow down/stop the decline in memory. It’s also why I decided to give IntelliBoost IQ a try. The trial made it worth considering, and the secure ordering system made it a breeze to get the next month’s supply. In the end, I’m three months into IntelliBoost IQ and not planning to stop. I have noticed a significant positive impact of this pill on my mental health and memory. I’m no longer as impatient and forgetful as I used to.

  17. I have not used these pills personally. But I have noticed the improvement in my brother who does take them. It’s in his steed that I’m writing this review.

    When Jeff started using this product, everyone thought he had been ripped off. But he kept on with taking the pills, even if he didn’t notice any benefits in the one month he was on them.

    But it was Week 6 that it started to shine. This was because he actually scored an A+ on his Math test. We were all surprised but put it off as a fluke.

    However, after 3 months of using this pill, he has been acing every test and exam he has sat for. So, I, and everyone else is now finally convinced that there is something about this pill that works.

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